Welcome to the Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management, in Lugano (Switzerland)

Monday 28 August - Saturday 2 September, 2017

We welcome every year around 100 participants but in 2016 we hit a record of 137 total. Our students come from all over the world. China, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America. For this anniversary, we are offering 12 courses, 2 of which take place over 6 days whereas the others are 3 days courses.

Our Summer School program is meant to address the needs of public health professionals, researchers and graduate students alike who are looking to improve their competences in several public health related fields and to create a platform of exchange between the faculty and all participants. This should provide the opportunity to reduce and prevent the gap between public health theory and practice by placing disease and health systems thinking under one common framework of coherent concepts and practical implications.