1. Methodology and Practical Application of Health Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluation in Health Care

1.1 Public Mental Health: from Epidemiology Policy and Services

1.2 Health Financing Policies, Health System Performance and Obstacles to Universal Coverage

1.3 Tackling the Challenge of Chronic Illness Management

1.4 Public Health and Health Service Approaches for non-communicable Diseases Prevention

1.5 The Facets of Public Health Leadership

1.6 eHealth: Information and Communication Technology

2. Applied Systems Thinking for Health Systems Managers and Researchers

2.1 Public Mental Health - Evaluation of program and policies (TBC)

2.2 mHealth: Mobile Communication for Behavior Change

2.3 Bridging the Gap Between Evidence and Policy Making

2.4 Multisectoral Approaches for health: Implications for Policy and Practice

2.5 Using Law and Policy Effectively in Public Health

2.6 Strategic Project Management